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                     1960'S COOLONGATTA AIRPORT.        THE ANSETT STORY.          

              A warm welcome to the website featuring memories from some of our past Aussie Airlines.

              Displaying my personally obtained "retro" collectiblesnostalgia, and
that uniquely
 identified TAAAnsett,  
              Australian Airlines, Qantas and more.
              I hope the website will bring back memories of a bygone Era.


                The 1980s; My personal favorite Aussie Airline liveries, corporate logo's and uniforms are introduced.
                  In 1981       The "Camel hump" corporate logo is introduced with the new 
                Airbus A300. The TAA Flight Attendants continue wearing the 1976 Merco Davron uniform. When in 1984 the 'Covers' design uniform
                is introduced.

                  In 1981   Introduces its Boeing 767-200 with an all white fuselage with the 
                colourful "Shooting Star" corporate logo. The staff uniforms of this time by Adele and Peter Weiss are garments which incorporate stripes
                and arrows with the colors from the tail of the logo. A further update is introduced in 1988 with the A320 "Skystar" to Ansett's fleet.
                   In 1985       Introduces its new livery with the introduction of its first 
                Boeing 767-200. Until 1987 the Cabin Crew continue wearing the 1974 female (Emilio Pucci), and male (Stewart Baker) uniforms. 
                And in late 1987, the Yves Saint Laurent uniform was introduced for all Customer Contact staff. 
                    In 1986  (Formerly ) Introduces the Boeing 737-300 with a new
                Corporate image, and new staff uniforms.


               SYDNEY AIRPORT 1984.               
                                                     My boarding pass for AN 218 PER-MEL (Boeing 767- 200 VH-RMG) 14th September 2001.      My staff ID Card.                                                                                                                                                          
                                        Plane facts. "The Good Weekend Magazine" Test flies our Aussie Airlines in 1991.

                                                                  NEW ITEMS ADDED to the COLLECTION.

  • Milestones Ansett Australia, Compiled by Judy Noller, from Ansett Australia Public Affairs.

  • Qantas Our Australian Airline, produced by Qantas Public Affairs, QCA 9 Sydney.

  • Pioneers of Flight, An abridged history of Qantas Airways Limited, by Qantas Public Affairs

  • Airliners in Australian Service Parts 1 (1995) and 2 (1996), by Eric Allen. 

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  • Airlinelogos.net for the Airline logo's used extensively on my website.

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  • Freesounds.org and its Freesounders. The people who recorded many of the sounds placed on the website.

  • To Sian; thank you so much for your contribution with Qantas uniforms. I have obtained uniform bits and pieces from you, that I could not have obtained without your assistance. 

  • To Michael; for allowing the images of his own vast collection of wings to be merged with mine, and used on the website.

  • To Joel; for allowing the images of his two Ansett Aircraft seats to be included on the website.

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  • To Lyn S; Ex Ansett Line Supervisor (MEL) for donating photos, crew name badges, wings and her Purser jacket to the collection.  Your contribution to the site is greatly appreciated.

  • To The owners and creators of 'Youtube' videos that are used on the website. 

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  • To Lisa from Virgin Australia.  The uniform accessories donated for use on the website are greatly appreciated.

  • To each person that allowed me to obtain their own uniforms and collectibles.  A huge thanks to all of you.  Parting with your own uniforms, ephemera and pieces is greatly appreciated. Your items on this website, are now contributing to the memory of many of our past Australian Airlines.        


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