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Tuesday 25-Jul-2017 18:34:22 AEST
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22 LW
Location: SLC - UTAH - USA

Thursday 19-Mar-2015 02:14:11 AEST

Wow what a brilliant historical collection of Australian uniforms and memorabilia, absolutely enjoyed looking at all your collection!I have never seen so much information on one website devoted to Aussie airline's..... Excellent work Darren,and I look forward to future visits to your very comprehensive site......Thanks - LW
21 Paul Tipler
Location: England

Wednesday 9-Jul-2014 23:41:50 AEST
Thanks for this site which has brought many, many happy memories back to me. After TAA Reservations in Melbourne, I joined Qantas Melbourne Airport, a few overseas postings and then back to finish my aviation career in Hervey Bay with Sunstate/Qantas, Flight West and finally Majestic.
20 Rob Harvey

Tuesday 15-Apr-2014 00:41:22 AEST
Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm ex Ansett staff and worked in Reservations until the collapse, then joined Qantas. I left the industry in 2006 and sadly miss the professionalism and true spirit of airline staff.

19 marianne Barrett
Location: melbourne

Sunday 28-Aug-2011 20:09:24 AEST
:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D yes 27 years today taa i started my flying career what a brilliant airline...
18 Stephen Coyte
Location: Melbourne

Sunday 24-Jul-2011 17:48:16 AEST
Hi Darren

I love your website. Long overdue. The stuff you have here has been scarce as hens teeth on the www!

Thank you

Stephen Coyte
17 Kathy Minassian (nee Riley)
Location: Sydney

Friday 17-Jun-2011 21:15:52 AEST
This website is a great idea Darren, congratulations. 6(^)6 Thank you for posting on my Facebook page for *Trans Australia Airlines* http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=235194106494175&id=133053350090420#!/page s/Trans-Australia-Airlines/133053350090420
16 William Liang ZHAO

Tuesday 24-May-2011 18:54:23 AEST
good memories :)
15 carla
Location: perth

Friday 11-Mar-2011 23:29:34 AEST
Hi daz

get site what a blast of the past. Annemarie is very photogenic.LOve the TAA ad music.

Well done .xo

14 Carmelo Russo
Location: Sydney

Tuesday 1-Mar-2011 19:44:12 AEST
Hi Darren,

I have a T-Shirt printed during the Pilot Strike with all the emblems of the different airlines that did come to Australia during the Pilot Strike.

It's white with more than a dozen airlines' emblems on it.

It Priceless.

Love your site, very interesting.....
13 Barbara Green
Location: Tweed Heads-ex syd

Monday 31-Jan-2011 20:15:52 AEST
Hello ......wonderful site...... I flew with Ansett from Feb72 until Feb 87.....also transferred to Air N.S.W for 18months ohh the memories!!!!!Those were the days....no dragging rubbish bags through the cabin......or swigging on water bottles in front of pax...yes passengers...not customers.....I also think i know who is the person in the Ansett green uniform .....one picture only....I will tell her to look @ your site....once again Thanks...

12 Jack
Location: Sydney

Saturday 15-Jan-2011 12:37:29 AEST
Great site! Have had a wonderful time looking over all the excellent memorabilia and uniforms.

Weren't the Australian airlines in a class of their own in the 60s and 70s?

Ah, for days gone by!
11 Alain
Location: Australia

Tuesday 4-Jan-2011 12:38:32 AEST
Great site, I was a Qantas flight attendant from 1988 to 1999.

10 Luke
Location: utah USA

Thursday 14-Oct-2010 13:13:54 AEST

Just wanted to let you know i have enjoyed viewing your very informative site,i think it has much to offer anyone with an interest in aviation!You have made great effort to show and display the Australian airline history......I especially enjoyed the nostalgia of the 1950's and 1960's! wonderful site,and thanks for the memories.LW.
9 Sandra
Location: newcastle

Saturday 28-Aug-2010 19:45:47 AEST
I have enjoyed perusing your site after contacting you about my plates. I thank you for your quick response to my queries and wish you all the best with your personal collecting. I only know of one previous flight attendant, Alex Knodler, so will check to see if she has kept any of her uniforms or memorabillia.
8 Jenny Burrows
Location: sydney, australia

Sunday 13-Jun-2010 12:41:34 AEST
Thoroughly enjoyed your site and will keep checking for updates, hope you managed to get more memorabilia. I started flying as an Air Hostess in 1971 with Ansett and retired in 2008 from Qantas so I wore a lot of what you have on your site.

Well done.
7 steve kicic

Saturday 12-Jun-2010 08:57:54 AEST
fantastic collection of memorabilia you have there. I need to go through some of my spare stuff and see what I can find for you, this site is brilliant! Thanks

PS I was with Ansett and at the end, Gate Gourmet from 23/01/86~14/09/01 as a catering truck driver. will be in contact shortly.
6 Carol
Location: Perth

Tuesday 18-May-2010 11:36:30 AEST
6(^)6 6(^)6 6(^)6 6(^)6 6(^)6 6(^)6 6(^)6

Darren love the site can't wait to catch up and see it all again. You done it all really well!
5 Eileen
Location: San Diego

Tuesday 9-Mar-2010 07:56:24 AEST
Wonderful website...just visited Cliff's, too! Amazing job mate!

Eileen 6(^)6
4 Rachel
Location: Perth WA

Tuesday 9-Feb-2010 13:25:18 AEST
Love the idea of the Dental Floss and the Toothpick on the dinner tray, they need to bring that back! :-)
3 Amy Carroll
Location: perth Wa

Tuesday 9-Feb-2010 12:07:26 AEST
Awesome Daz looks great 6(^)6 .x. hugs sis